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Corporate Profile

The growth strategy of Founder International Software Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Peking University Founder Group Co., Ltd., focuses on “industry, university, research and application”. The company values its reputation as an independent innovator, and is dedicated to becoming the organizer and practitioner of smart cities within China through its professional provision of integrated services in industry software development and IT systems.

The smart city is a key business goal of Founder International, and as such, the company implements smart cities within China. It brings together real-time information management of the Internet of Things (IoT), geographical information, ESB, BPM, and Big Data technologies to create a packaged “Smart Cities Public Services System”. Founder International provides integrated services for the three main infrastructure integration service of essential IT facilities (IoT), weak currents, and security monitoring, which are related to the establishment of essential IT facilities of smart cities, smart architecture, green data centers, and public order. Focusing on an inter-connected, sharing smart city public service platform, Founder International is growing into new arenas with solutions for smart finance, public security, transportation and urban management. In this way, the company is making cities more intelligent and life more convenient. 

Founder International is the organizer of smart cities within China, and through its relationships with Peking University and Founder Group, is in collaboration with those both within and outside of the corporation. It utilizes Founder Group’s powerful presence in fields such as IT, medicine, education, finance, real estate, and science parks, and in addition, is proactively involved in the construction of an extensive yet interconnected collaborative network focusing on smart city development. It is also engaged in strategic co-operative relationships with renowned local and foreign corporations such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Huawei and Inspur, and is a leading participant in organizations such as the Chinese Smart City Industry Technology Strategic Alliance, and the China Smart City Development Alliance. With Smart Cities as its entry point, Founder International is driving collaborating cities to achieve the integration of resources, the melding together of industry and the city, as well as the utilization of Big Data. It has been responsible for or participated in the establishment of smart cities in Beijing, Linzhou, Huaibei, Suzhou, Changzhou and Bengbu, thereby comprehensively driving the development of new model smart cities throughout China. 

Founder International is a hi-tech company that has won the approval of the Chinese state, key software companies in the National Planned Layout, hi-tech companies in Zhongguancun, and has achieved high-level industry specific certification in CMMI5, ISO9001, ISO27001, as well as Level 1 Computer Information Systems Integration, and Level 1 Security Engineering Corporation. It has also been selected as an outstanding organization for patent pilot schemes, and possesses the rights to more than 130 patents and is engaged in the application for further 300 patents. It has the ownership of more than 300 pieces of software, and is the winner of many prizes, including: second prize in the “National Science & Technology Progress Prize” and “Searching for China’s Smart Cities”, the Technological Innovation Prize, the Most Practical China Smart City Prize, the Top 20 Chinese Commercial Solutions, the Top 10 in the Chinese Smart City Transportation Industry, and the 10 Outstanding Chinese Companies in Intelligent Public Transportation. 


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