Finance Industry

Become one of top IT solution providers in Financial Industry

The financial services of Founder International, aiming at maximizing returns and achieving complementary advantages, integrate such resources as customer markets, products, technologies and channel services in terms of core banking system, integrated financial customer service platform, image management platform, auditing and supervising system, management information system, peripheral banking services, etc. with an effort to provide banks both at home and abroad and other financial institutions with more professional IT services, comprehensive application solutions and system integration services.

Focusing on the major business directions, i.e. core banking system, financial application solution and financial IT services, process banking and financial BPO services, Founder International Financial Services Department will enter the national list of China’s financial IT manufacturers and lead the industry with quality products, advanced concept, leading solutions, professional services, strong deliverability and implementation capability.

Typical Solutions
Comprehensive Financial Service Platform
Finance Authorization Payment System
Company Group Capital Management System
Enterprise Capital Custody Platform
Bank Deposit & Control System for Client Capital
Transaction Processing System for Business Card and Commercial Card
DW (data warehouse ) System of Commercial Banks
Core Business and Backstage Business Supporting System
Risk Management Platform
Accounting & Auditing System
Image Management System
Fingerprint Identification and Certification Product
Two-dimensional Code Application System
Certification Product
Typical Cases
Comprehensive Financial Service Platform
VIP Customer Service Platform of China Construction Bank
Third-party Deposit & Control System of China Postal Savings Bank
Fund Transaction Comprehensive Service Platform of Beijing Rural Commercial Bank
Core Business and Decision Support System
Core Banking System of Qiqihar Commercial Bank
Core Banking System of Baoding Commercial Bank
Core Banking System of Xinjiang Kuitun Commercial Bank
Image Management Platform and its Application System
Image Management Platform of Bank of China
Accounting and Auditing System of Postal Savings Bank of China for Individual Business
Accounting and Auditing System of Huarong Xinjiang Bank
Bank Peripheral Products
Two-Dimensional Barcode Label System of China Everbright Bank
Cheque Image Switching System of Shengjing Bank
Seal Verification system of CitiBank

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