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Founder International’s “Mesmerizing” Lecture on Fingerprinting in China

Founder International’s “Mesmerizing” Lecture on Fingerprinting in China

Li Huaqiong, Founder International’s fingerprint expert and high-grade mark inspection engineer was invited to give a lecture at the National Fingerprint Information Practical Application Training Class (3rd session) which was held in Yueyang, Hunan Province between the 23rd and the 26th of April.

Speaking on the topic of the “Basic Application of Fingerprinting Technology”, Li Huaqiong seamlessly combined real-life examples with that of the progress made by Founder International in fingerprint recognition technology, expounding in depth on evaluation and identification techniques utilized to handle indistinct fingerprints as well as fingerprints with variable form. He also introduced Founder International’s most recent advancements in fingerprinting technology. His speech, which was originally only scheduled to last for an hour, extended to two hours at the insistence of attendees who were mesmerized by his introduction of the topic.

Students queued up to engage Li Huaqiong in deep discussion following the conclusion of the lecture. A reception as strong as this is further proof of the quality of Founder International’s fingerprinting technology, and will be of great value in the marketing of new technologies and products.


Founder International Chosen to lead Suzhou Industrial Park Smart City Promotion Alliance

On April 27, more than 300 Industrial Park companies attended the Suzhou Industrial Park Artificial Intelligence Industry Association Launch Conference in Suzhou, which was hosted by the Suzhou Industrial Park Science and Information Bureau and the Social Affairs Bureau. Founder International was invited to attend and was selected to be the president for the Suzhou Industrial Park Smart City Promotion Alliance, and will co-ordinate future collaboration between corporations related to the Alliance to drive the development of smart cities.

The Suzhou Industrial Park is one of the key areas in the establishment of Founder International’s Smart Cities strategy. The company will implement a series of prototype projects beneficial to citizens in the fields of intelligent transportation, education and healthcare, effectively raising the degree of informationalization of the Industrial Park.


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