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Founder International Wins AFC Turnkey Project of Wuhan Metro Line No. 11

Founder International has recently won the bid for the turnkey project of automatic fare collection system of Wuhan Metro Line No. 11 (the second announcement). The project is expected to involve a handsome amount of approximately RMB119.5 million.

This success marks the entry of Founder International into Wuhan’s rail transit market and also another victory in Central China after the company won the Zhengzhou metro project. The underlying Wuhan Metro Line No. 11 has a total length of 34.39 kilometers and 22 stations. By connecting Caidian, HanyangSixin, Wuchang Railway Station and Luxiang Sub-center, this line links the two new towns in the west and southeast of Wuhan. Therefore, it is an artery of subways from the city’s east to the west. Specifically, Founder International will be responsible for the AFC system of Wuhan Metro Line No. 11 and related supporting projects, as well as the services. The task is a key to the successful launch of this line.

Follow Closely B&R with China-ASEAN Information Harbor

On June 30, the signing ceremony of a partnership agreement between Founder International and China-ASEAN Information Harbor Co., Ltd. (China-ASEAN Information Harbor) was held grandly in Nanning, Guangxi Province. CEO Liu Jian of Founder Information Industry and Vice President Yang Tao of Founder International were invited to the ceremony. In the future, Founder International and China-ASEAN Information Harbor will launch smart city-centered business cooperation on the basis of the national initiative “Belt and Road”. Peng Qinghua, Party Chief of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Wang Ke, the Standing Member and Secretary General of the CPC Party Committee of Guangxi, and Zhang Xiaoqin, Vice Chairman of Guangxi, among other officials, attended this event.

As a hi-tech company specialized in smart city business, Founder International has always echoed Chinese government’s Belt and Road initiative through actions and devoted ourselves to becoming the organizer and doer of smart city drive. Our company has once been responsible for the top-level design of Nanning’s smart city and talked with Qinzhou, Wuzhou and other places on the cooperation in smart city. A series of sectors such as smart public security, smart education, smart transportation and smart politics have been rolled out in succession, thus contributing a share to the construction of smart cities in Guangxi in a sustained way.

The launch of our strategic cooperation with China-ASEAN Information Harbor has deepened our construction of smart city in accordance with the B&R. In the days ahead, we will join forces with China-ASEAN Information Harbor to promote the development of smart city and IT industry in Guangxi.

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