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Founder International Awarded the “Wumeng Cloud” Project of Bijie, Guizhou Province

July 5 was the bid opening date in respect of the procurement of Bijie “Wumeng Cloud” IT application project by Bijie Public Security Bureau of Guizhou Province (“Wumeng Cloud” project). Founder International won the bid for a price of RMB51.79 million and stood out in the highly competitive big data-based IT market of Guizhou.

With a budget of more than 50 million yuan, the “Wumeng Cloud” project covers a series of supporting constructions such as IT infrastructure, hardware and big data platform, so it demands a lot on the overall strength of the supplier, especially in Guizhou’s big data market which has higher standards and attracts more attention. The strong technical power and so many past successes served as an important foundation for Founder International to won the “Wumeng Cloud” project.

As planned, a uniform and authoritative public security big data center will be firstly established under the project so as to render a full range of high-level public security information services. In the future, Founder International will, together with government organs of Bijie such as the city’s public security bureau, further build an urban big data center and cloud platform covering the government of Bijie and the government commissions/offices and thus provide efficient big data services for the smart city construction of Bijie.

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